Technology is moving forward at a rate we have never seen before. While the internet was something we once needed a computer to access, it can now be accessed on an endless number of remote devices thanks to Cloud technology and a relatively new term called the “Internet of Things “.  However, there are also concerns about a world that connects technology in such a way as seen with the recent attacks. More devices connected via the cloud mean more opportunities for hackers to access and/or steal your data.

  • 25% of all hacks and cyber-attacks on businesses will involve IoT by 2020.
  • Only 10% of IT and security budgets will go towards thwarting those attacks.
  • People are much more concerned about personal details and identification numbers getting out than they are about work-related records and information.
  • Last year, IoT only had a 7% share of the cyber-security market, but that will rise to 38% by 2020.
  • Manufacturers and security standards aren’t sufficient enough when it comes to IoT.